Should I leave it?

Should I leave it?

It is very surprising how many patients I have seen this week with an ongoing pain that has lasted 6 months if not longer….some of them have nearly been two years!

So I ask the question, should you leave it?

Yes the body naturally rectifies itself but does it rebuild you in the right way. By this I mean the area of your body that has been injured; does it look the same and feel the same as it did before your injury.

Let’s look at an example

You are in a 100m final and you have overstretched your leading leg in the race causing a grade 1 strain in your hamstring (a mild strain of your muscle fibres). Yes doesn’t sound all that bad, however your body still needs to repair this.

Stages of repair?

  • Acute
  • Sub-acute
    1. Repair
      1. This begins around 2 days post injury
      2. Formation of granulation tissue
      3. Proliferation of fibroblasts
    • Usually thin and dormant fibroblasts fatten up and move towards the injury.
    • They multiply and lay down type III collagen fibrils (fibrous SCAR tissue) however this is laid haphazardly. The aim is to bridge the wound edges.
      1. Remodelling
        1. This stage providing correct treatment is followed the haphazard scar tissue is aligned in the direction of tissue loading and is strengthened. In certain circumstances, the granulation leads to excessive collagen being laid down haphazardly. This produces a reduction in flexibility and in many cases can cause pain and dysfunction.

      And now we have come right back round to the question Should I Leave It?

      My answer no. At some point all injuries will lay scar tissue to some extent so it is better to get the injury assessed correctly to ensure an effective treatment method can be started. At BodyCare Sports Injury Specialist my aim is to ensure the best outcome for any patient.