What a Fantastic Idea

As some readers may know I play in the third highest tier in the country for women’s football. The Premier League Southern Division and have done since I was 16. Now at the age of 23 women’s football has grown so much in this short space of time and Lewes FC are looking at taking this further!
Ed Ramsden a current director for Lewes is hoping to get voted back in the on 27th October and one thing for sure, I know I WILL be voting for him.

Ed’s Proposal – Change the Water

“In this election I am standing on a single issue. If I am elected then I will do everything that I can to ensure that starting with the 2017-18 season (i.e., next season) Lewes FC will have the same playing budgets for its women’s and men’s first teams. We will commit equal resources to our teams, irrespective of gender. If we do this then to my knowledge we will be the only football team in the world to pay men and women the same amounts for performing the same work. Think about that for a second”.

Some people will think this is a brilliant idea and will not think too much into it, others will be furious and be outraged where as a few as Ed states “the sharp-eyed readers” will notice extra money will be needed to achieve this. I strongly urge readers of this blog to click the link below and read his full manifesto. A lot of your questions will be answered, and if you have any other questions there is an email given so you can get them answered.

Ed Ramsden - Change the Water

In my opinion it’s time for change #goingforequality #spreadtheword