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Job Title: Sports Therapist/Physiotherapist
Location: Wickford, Redbridge and home visits in East London and Mid-Essex.
Hours of Work: Self-employed, ideally at least 5 hours per week
Salary: Dependent on number of clients, fixed per session if working with a club


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What a Fantastic Idea

As some readers may know I play in the third highest tier in the country for women’s football. The Premier League Southern Division and have done since I was 16. Now at the age of 23 women’s football has grown so much in this short space of time and Lewes FC are looking at taking this further!
Ed Ramsden a current director for Lewes is hoping to get voted back in the on 27th October and one thing for sure, I know I WILL be voting for him.

Ed’s Proposal – Change the Water

Initial Treatment

Okay so this week has brought me a few new clients with a few new injuries. Whether the injuries are new or old, they all have one thing in common, which brings me this weeks blog.

Initial Treatment - What really does that mean?

Well for back pain/headaches/strains/sprains/knee pain the list goes on - your initial treatment is all the same, and what makes this better is it is really easy to carry out!!!

Step In The Right Direction

Only a quick blog this week as I have had a very busy week.

I am proud to announce I have taken over the lead role of Sports Therapist at Old Cooperians Men's Rugby Club. This is a great club and I'm very excited to work with all the players. I would like the thank the last lead for her continued help and opportunity to come on board in the first place.

With a promotion last season what will the men have to offer this season. Bring it on.

Should I leave it?

Should I leave it?

It is very surprising how many patients I have seen this week with an ongoing pain that has lasted 6 months if not longer….some of them have nearly been two years!

So I ask the question, should you leave it?

Yes the body naturally rectifies itself but does it rebuild you in the right way. By this I mean the area of your body that has been injured; does it look the same and feel the same as it did before your injury.

Let’s look at an example

Bone Healing

Have you ever wondered what your body does to repair a fracture??? the process can take months!

1) Formation of a # haematoma
a. Blood vessels are broken
b. Blood leaks and forms clot (# haematoma)
c. 6-8 hrs post injury
d. Circulation compromised so bone cells die – inflammatory response
e. Blood capillaries grow onto clot
f. Phagocytes and osteoclasts remove dead and damaged tissue
g. Lasts for several weeks