It is the management of exercise to get the athlete back to a playing state without the hinderance of an injury. What is my role? To assist the athlete in any area to make sure they are capable physically and mentally to perform. My aim is to effectively devise a plan that is beneficial to the athlete to get them back in the quickest time but in the safest way, to prevent deconditioning and to set short and long term goals to maintain and good psychological climate.

Throughout the rehab stage five parameters will be taken into consideration to assist with the overall goal.
These are:

  • Type of activity
  • Duration of the activity and rest
  • Frequency of the activity and rest
  • The intensity of the activity
  • Complexity of activity

Along with the rehab parameters your rehab program will take you from the early stage to the Pre-discharge stage ensuring your targets have been met at each stage before you are progressed.